Frequently Asked Questions

1. I just moved to Boscawen, what do I need to prove my residency so I can register my vehicle?

You will need to bring in a current utility bill that has your name and Boscawen address on it OR a copy of your rental agreement/mortgage closing papers OR a letter from the person you are living with stating that you do, in fact, live at that specific address. 

  • If you choose to bring a letter, the letter MUST include: your name, the current date, specific address, the fact that you live therethe owner’s name AND signature

2. What do I need to bring to register my vehicle?

A copy of your present vehicle registration OR the reminder letter that was sent to you in the mail.  Please bring your Drivers License as well.

3. Can I renew my registration by mail?

Yes.  When mailing in your registration please include your reminder letter(s), a check made out to the Town of Boscawen for the local fees, a check made out to the State of NH-DMV for the state fees.  If more than one vehicle, total all the local fees in one check to the Town Of Boscawen and total all the state fees in one check to the STATE OF NH-DMV.  Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope.  Mailed in registrations are completed within 24 hours of receiving and will be out in the next day mail.  If a dump sticker is needed, please indicate so on the renewal notice.

4. Can I register my boat in Boscawen?

YES!!!  The Acting Town Clerk just received her certification to register boats.  You do NOT have to be a resident of Boscawen to register your boat here.

5. How old does a vehicle have to be not to require a title?

You need to title a vehicle for 15 years: for this year (2014) 1999 and older to does not need a title.

6. What information is needed to request a price quote on a vehicle?

You need the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).  It is a 17 digit number with numbers and letters.  You can find this on a CTA (blue copy you received from the dealership), on the dash of the car, drivers side near windshield.  Trailer VIN’s are more difficult to locate, we will accept a Certificate of Origin or you can download a VIN verification form, (from this page) under Documents and Forms  you can bring your vehicle to an inspection station or call police station for this form to be completed.  For $15 the police will come to your home to verify.

7. I lost my registration, what do I do? 

If you are unable to locate your current registration, we can print you a certified copy for $18.  We will need to have the license plate number, and the owner of the vehicle must be present to sign the request form in order to print a certified copy.

8. What do I need when transferring plates to a new vehicle?

You need the registration for the plates you are transferring (keeping) and the blue copy from the dealer (town clerk written in red at the bottom).  If the vehicle is younger than 15 years you will also need the original title.  If the vehicle is 15 years or older, it no longer needs a title, you will need the registration for the plates you are transferring (keeping) and a bill of sale.  If you do not have the most current registration for the plates that you are transferring, you will need to purchase a certified copy for $18, because this copy MUST accompany the transfer paperwork that is sent to DMV daily.

9. Do I have to register a small homemade trailer?

Any vehicle that is driven or pulled on the road needs to be registered.  When registering a homemade trailer, you will need to have a completed  VIN Verification Form, and for only $15 the police will come to the house or to an inspection station to complete the VIN Verification Form.  If the homemade trailer was previously registered, and you have a copy of the previous owner’s registration, you can use that as VIN verification as long as the trailer loaded weighs 3000LBS or less.

10. What do I need to apply for a marriage license? 

This process can take 45 minutes to complete.  Please call the Town Clerk at 753-9188 Ext. 311 to make an appointment.  Each applicant needs to be present with a picture ID, any and all divorce decrees from the court (the declaration page), death certificates, proof of age (if under 18 years of age).  Knowledge of ancestry, parents surnames, parents state at birth and birthdates , date of marriage, Officiant’s information.  A marriage license is $45.00 check or cash only at the time of applying.    The Officiant needs to send the marriage information back to the town clerk to be entered into the vital records system within 10 days of the marriage, when this is completed a certified copy can be printed for $15 from the state vital records system.

11. I would like to obtain a copy of a birth certificate/marriage certificate/death certificate via mail.  What do I do?

Click the following link to print the Vital Record Request form: Vitals Record Request 09-11-2014  After printing, complete the form for the record you are requesting and return it to: Town of Boscawen, Town Clerk, 116 North Main Street, Boscawen, NH 03303 with a check made out to Town Of Boscawen, and your copies will be mailed to you.  * Remember to include a return address *


Birth certificate – $15.00 first copy, $10 each additional copy of the SAME certificate

Marriage certificate – $15.00 first copy, $10 each additional copy of the SAME certificate

Death certificate – $15.00 first copy, $10 each additional copy of the SAME certificate

12. Does the Town of Boscawen accept Debit/Credit cards as payment? 

At this time, we accept checks and cash only.